About Chaunie's Coffee

Chaunie's Coffee is a mobile craft coffee company located in Jacksonville, Florida.  We offer some of the best coffee from around the world because we believe that intentionality matters in every sip. Chaunie's Coffee exists to bridge the gap between the local coffee lover and the fair trade farmer across the globe.  Let us take you on a cultural journey from the very first sip to the last drop. You won’t regret experiencing Chaunie’s Coffee culture

Meet the Staff

Chauntel Ceaser, Owner

Chaunie, was a missionary who saw a global need for empowerment. Over the course of three years she lived and served abroad. Forming relationships with men and women from places like Uganda, Thailand, Honduras and back to the United States, she got to know people from all walks of life. Her passion for people mixed with her love of coffee and culture has blossomed into the newest and most exciting venture of her life; a mobile craft coffee company. It is common to hear Chaunie say things like, “Food and drinks disarm people, even in a village in the bush!” or “Coffee is very social, it bridges the gap and brings nations together”. Next time you stop by the truck, make sure to ask Chaunie about her time in Asia.

Chaunie was born in New Hampshire and moved to Jacksonville, FL in the summer of 2012. She’s been a homeowner here since 2014 and tries to support our local community as much as possible. She has two bulldogs, Titus & Theo and loves fine bourbon (she drinks it neat, yikes). Her favorite coffee drink from Chaunie’s right now is a hot Vanilla Cream Latte, probably because she makes the Vanilla Cream herself.