Chaunie's Coffee & Such
Global Coffee, Local Eats
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Chaunie's Coffee & Such is a local Mobile Coffee Food Truck that is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  We sell some of the best coffee from all around the world and try to incorporate different cultures into our specialty drinks.  Our goal is to connect people from all walks of life by supporting small businesses and bringing you the smoothest and most intentional cup of coffee. 


About Chaunie's Coffee & Such

Chaunie's Coffee & Such was conceived in the Fall of 2017 by a missionary who saw a global need for empowerment. Over the past three years she formed global relationships with men and women from places like Uganda, Thailand, India and back to the United States. These people, from all walks of life, are in desperate need of a hand up, not a hand out. Her passion for people mixed with her love of coffee and culture has blossomed into the newest and most exciting venture of her life; a local coffee food truck selling imported coffee from organizations around the world offering whole communities a hand up.